Roll splitters are used for cutting up cull or off grade or damaged rolls in order to feed repulpers quantities of paper or pulp they can handle.  They can also be used on bales.

The James Brinkley Company guillotine roll splitters have three basic features:




Brinkley guillotines are very sturdy.  Standard unit crossheads are 1½” thick A-36 plate.  Side support tubes are 6” x 6” x ½” sections.  Bottom channels are MC 18 x 42.7 sections.  The replaceable brass angles and plates that guide the crosshead (knife holder) are designed to have a lot of wear area to take the stresses developed by guillotining off center and keep the cross head level.  Hydraulic cylinders are sized to provide a minimum of 1,500 pounds per linear inch of cutting force to the knife.  Cylinders are rated up to 3,500 PSI.  Gauge readings during cutting generally do not exceed 2,000 PSI.

Required cutting force depends on roll length and roll type.  Soft, compressible papers, such as tissue, require more force than harder rolls like linerboard.  Type of roll is therefore important for us to know.

James Brinkley Company guillotines are as simple to maintain as we can make them.

Hydraulic cylinders are located on the outside of the unit, easily accessible.  Since the cylinders are the main operating pieces of the guillotine, this is important.  Compare this to our competition, with the cylinders located inside the vertical pipe housings that compose the frame.

The Brinkley guide system depends on replaceable brass plates and angles with a lot of bearing area.  This, in turn, gives the unit the capacity to resist a lot of imbalanced force created by not centering rolls or other guillotining problems.  The guides are simple and replaceable, unlike our competitions expensive machined surfaces and reliance on the cylinder pistons for alignment.  Brinkley pistons float horizontally at the upper attachment, ensuring that the piston and seals will not be loaded transversely.  But the plates and angles do wear and must be replaced when they do.

The James Brinkley Company uses readily available, nationally recognized, hydraulic components.  We will use mill standard if asked.  We advise customers, in our O&M manuals, what these components are so they can buy parts from local sources ensuring good availability and price.

All guillotine roll splitter systems come with their own hydraulic power pack and are shop tested prior to shipment.  This ensures proper operation of the hydraulics.  Our hydraulics installer has completed hundreds of units and is available if help is needed, usually it is not.  Roll splitters are shipped complete, simple and very easy to start up and no help from us is necessary.

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GP Muskogee Guillotine

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James Brinkley Company offers the broadest line of roll splitter accessories and will adapt our units to customer needs.


Optional Accessories:

  • Through belt conveyors with forward and reverse controls to allow guillotining slabs to lessen pulper loads

  • Roll lifts to load belt conveyors from the floor

  • Roll lift and tilt tables to load and directly discharge to pulper

  • Portable roll splitters


  • Dump buckets to allow roll handling with lift trucks

We will also build accessories for other supplier’s guillotines and guillotines for other supplier’s accessories.


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