Chain Belt Conveyor Features

  • A-36 structural steel construction designed to AISC code

  • Chain belt assembly consisting of heavy duty mill chain and 3-ply belting.  At every 10th link a plate and angle flight clamp the belt.  The cross plate beneath is welded to the chain, insuring an integral chain belt structure.  Belt attachment plates are ½” thick, located every other link.  Chain belts are assembled in approximately 30’ belt length sections for ease of handling.


  • Adjustable wear rails with abrasion-resistant plate surfacing in loading area to take the stress off the integral cross belt stiffeners with slats and chain when loading

  • Drives with gear reducer sized for sliding chain friction.  Standard speed is 30 FPM, higher or lower speeds available.

  • Spherical roller bearings sized for L-10 lives of over 100,000 hours

  • End or side loading configuration


Optional Features:

  • Walkways and platforms with hand rails and kick plates

  • Weather enclosures and galleries

  • Backstops and brakes

  • Tail and side pit covers

  • Weighing or metering systems

  • Load leveling mechanisms

  • Variable speed drives and controls

  • Special paint and coatings