Pulper Feed Conveyors

James Brinkley Company Pulper Feed Conveyors are designed to handle a wide range of fibre supply including OCC, ONP, miscellaneous waste paper, virgin fibre bales, wetlap and loose pulp.


Slat Conveyors

James Brinkley Company Slat Conveyors are the workhorse of the pulper feed industry.  They are designed for heavy, abusive service.  It is common to drive lift trucks onto the load area, or drop bales of rolls from a height, or shove a load of bale sideways onto the conveyor.  No other type of conveyor can take as much abuse.  We can provide units with up to 2500 lbs/ft of length load capacity at over 10’ slat width.  One desirable feature of slat conveyors is that inclination changes are easy to do.  This is not true of belt conveyors, where belt tensioning make large inclination changes impossible.  This feature, in turn, means we can combine a horizontal load section and an inclined feed section in one unit in a slat conveyor.  This eliminates complexity and multiple drives.

Slat conveyor incline depends on the nature of the material being conveyed and the requirements of the pulper.  Pulp bales and wetlap work at inclines up to 30 degrees;  OCC works at inclines up to 25 degrees;  while loose waste should be limited to 20 degrees.  Batch pulpers can run with steeper incline feed conveyors as the conveyor can be run until it clears, while continuous pulpers should have less incline to avoid material roll back.

Slat conveyor in pits require access for maintenance.  Load bearing pit covers are required to allow lift truck access.  These covers are removable for maintenance.

Slat Conveyor

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Chain Belt Conveyors

Chain belt conveyors are used for handling loose materials that present a housekeeping problem.  They are designed to keep the material from falling through and accumulating underneath the conveyor deck.  With 3-ply belting, integral cross belt stiffeners with slats and heavy duty mill type chain, they are capable of carrying heavy loads without spilling or leaking material.  Units are available in belt widths up to 96”.


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