Broke Conveyor Features

  • A-36 structural steel construction

  • Slider bed type with ¼” plate beds

  • Vacuum breakers

  • Reinforced deck areas to receive heavy loads of slab

  • Heavy tail pulley guards to protect against lift truck damage in loading loose broke

  • Fabricated and machined pulleys from thick wall steel pipe.  Pulleys are given an edge crown.  Stub shaft end collars are shrunk on shafts and welded to the pipe.  Final machining is done after fabrication, pulleys are balanced and primed and bearings mounted before shipment.

  • Drive and guide pulleys with a ¼” thick rubber coating.  These pulleys are wood stave wrapped for shipment.

  • Self-aligning spherical roller type bearings, grease lubricated with one end fixed and the other end free-floating

  • Shafts are minimum AISI 1045 steel

  • FZ series Falk motoreducer, sized for Class II (1.41 SF) service.  Since these conveyors are not heavily loaded, drives generally are not large.  Drive is through a roller chain drive with oiler type guard.  Drives can be reversed to allow two-way broke conveyor operation.

  • Air motor power driven, manually operated take-up mechanism is provided on all large broke conveyors.  This take-up allows simple belt adjustment at start-up and as belt wear occurs.

  • Air-operated auto-guide mechanism.  This mechanism adjusts the lagged guide pulley position to automatically and continuously control belt position.  Pulley adjustment is proportional to belt location.  A ceramic coated stainless steel palm rides the edge of the belt.  The palm controls a pneumatic valve which inflates and deflates two opposed air bellows.  These bellows adjust position of a sliding roller-mounted guide bearing support on one end of the guide pulley.  The other end bearing is mounted in a standard adjustable take-up.  This continuous proportional adjustment system provides excellent belt training control.


Optional Features:

  • Hanging or floor supports

  • Side panels with emergency stop pull cord switches

  • Walkways or platforms with handrails