Conveying Systems

All James Brinkley Company conveyor structures are designed for both static and dynamic loads to rigid AISI codes, including seismic and UBC requirements.  All steel exceeds A-36 specifications.  Brinkley frames provide the capacity for large loads and longs spans and the toughness to absorb the heavy abuse inherent in this service.  Brinkley’s strong frames also allow the flexibility for future load increases without structural change.

Some of conveyor options are as follow:

  • Walkways and platforms with hand rails and kick plates

  • Weather enclosures and galleries

  • Backstops and brakes

  • Tail and side pit covers

  • Weighing or metering systems

  • Load leveling mechanisms

  • Variable speed drives and controls

  • Special paint and coatings

Types of Conveyors:

                         Pulper Feed Conveyors           

                                       Broke Conveyors