Bale Wire Coilers


James Brinkley Company Bale Wire Coilers dispose of bale wires in a safe and economical way. 

The increased use of secondary fiber furnish has increased the amount of bale wires to be disposed of.  Conventional wire coilers are slow, labor intensive, and unsafe.  Our bale wire coiler answers all of the questions about bale wire disposal.

Cut wires are placed in the hopper and drawn in by the coiler.  No time consuming manual feeding is required.

Wires are coiled automatically until a preset coil size is reached.  An alarm then sounds, and the coil can be easily removed for disposal or recycle.  All operating parts are protected by the hopper, which acts as a guard.

Coiling is continuous, and coils need only be removed when they accumulate to disposal size.


Bale Wire Coiler

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