Vertical Agitators Features

  • Cast blades and hubs for wear, corrosion and shock resistance.  Castings can be of any common material, such as steel, stainless or better.  Epoxy or rubber coatings are available.

  • Adjustable pitch blades are standard, giving both flexibility in process and the best overall efficiency.  Cast blade diameters up to 15 feet are available, allowing large turbine-to-tank diameter ratios, essential for efficient mixing in stock, coatings or sludge.

  • Pipe shafts with heavy duty cast couplings and flanges are used on large units.  Pipe shafts can be solid steel or stainless.  Large diameter shafts are steel with stainless or 16-gauge sheet cladding for superior fatigue and shock resistance.  Coated shafts are also available.  Prop and shaft vertical loads are carried by coupling to the reducer.  In units with bottom bearings, the bottom bearing carries the side loads.  Props generally pump down to increase agitation at pump out and lower vertical loads.

  • Bottom bearings with cast steel or stainless pedestals and ryertex bushings (with optional water lubrication).  These allow deep tanks without oversize shafts, and keep shaft critical speed ratios low, insuring long life and high load capacity.  Large ryertex bushing size insures low bearing loads and low wear.

  • Single or double reduction right angle gear reducers, sized for AGMA II service factors.  Provided with motor mounts, couplings and guards for your motor.