Side Insert Agitators

The James Brinkley Company side insert agitators have evolved over the years while retaining the attributes that they are known for:  Strength and Simplicity of design.  They come in sizes from 18” to 72” in diameter.


The basic process requirement for side insert agitators, dictated by chest width or diameter, is modified by factors such as tank shape, stock type, consistency, temperature and retention time in the chest.

For side insert agitators, the optimum tank height to diameter ratio is around 0.6.  Rectangular chests are cheaper to build if built adjacent to each other.  Cylindrical chests are optimal shapes to avoid stock deposition.  If rectangular chest length to width ratio exceeds 1.5, two agitators may be required.

Stock type, depending on whether the stock is hardwood or softwood, sulfite, kraft, secondary fiber or other process and whether or not it’s been screened refined or bleached, also modifies the basic process requirement for side insert agitators.

Stock temperature also modifies side insert power required.

Finally, time available to agitate influences agitation requirements.  Less than 12 minutes retention requires higher power.

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