Cross Shaft Agitators

Cross shaft agitators are used in couch and press pits, and for dry end repulping.  For cross shaft agitators, sizing is dictated by machine tonnage and where the paper is, that is, whether the pit is a couch pit or press pit.  Machine width and agitator size then dictate pit dimensions.  Dry end repulping with cross shaft agitators is effective only on lighter grades of paper such as tissue.

In cross shaft and especially side insert agitators, the major problem is inner bearing failure.  Bearings fail, not because of load, but because of contamination with leaking stock.  The James Brinkley Company provides spherical roller bearings very conservatively sized, but failure still occurs because of contamination.  In order to try to avoid this problem, we provide a slinger and the best available bearing seal.  We can also provide an optional split UHMW dam to act with the slinger as a labyrinth to isolate the inner bearing.  We believe this is a unique feature for agitators.  It works well on other mill equipment.

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