The James Brinkley Company was founded in the 1920’s by Jim Brinkley.  The Brinkley family, from Virginia, had invested money in some of the numerous small, locally owned pulp and paper mills.  Jim Brinkley established the James Brinkley Company to sell specialized power transmission equipment to these mills.

After World War II, Jim Brinkley hired Meder Johnson, a University of Washington educated licensed engineer, who had served as chief engineer of the Rayonier mill at Port Angeles, WA.  Meder began to design and manufacture original equipment for Pulp and Paper mills.

In the early fifties, Clyde Crawford was hired to add chemical equipment manufacturing expertise.  He rationalized and systematized equipment production.  Together Clyde and Meder designed and marketed innovative solutions to special material handling and process problems, and in the mid 1960’s together purchased the company from Jim Brinkley.

By the late 1980’s Clyde and Meder were nearing retirement, and Clyde Crawford III was hired as an engineer.  Clyde III had 20 years experience as an engineer working for a consultant and in sales, manufacturing equipment and as a partner in a manufacturer’s representative organization.  By 1994 Clyde Sr. and Meder had retired. 

Xavier Llaneza, another University of Washington engineer, joined James Brinkley in 1998 and became President in 2018.

James Brinkley continues to expand the business outside of its traditional pulp and paper focus.  We’ve added representation of several companies primarily in material handling where we have complimentary sales, design, integration and service capabilities and are consistently expanding into new areas of material handling such as plastics and always growing recycling industries.